Woodbridge Stake Boy Scout Spring Camporee

Siege Engine Competition

Trebuchet           Catapult               Siege engines

Splicing               Rope tackle         Rope throwing

Recognize this language?

It’s the language of the pioneering Boy Scout.

Maybe you’ll recognize this language:

Tents         Campfires           Rain and Mud               Hiking

Combine them and you end up with the Woodbridge Stake Scout Spring Camporee which was held April 2nd and 3rd. The Potomac River ward scouts arrived early on Thursday and started off the camporee with a five mile hike.

Boy Scouts from five other wards arrived throughout the afternoon and evening. The threat of rain didn’t stop our Woodbridge Stake Boy Scouts from setting up tents, building fires and camping at Camp Snyder in Haymarket, Virginia. Friday was cut a little short due to the threat of lightening and thunderstorms so the scouts headed home that afternoon. Before they did, they practiced their pioneering skills and competed in a siege engine competition.

The scouts built catapults and trebuchets out of wood and rope in order to launch apples. Potomac River Ward scouts won the competition by launching an apple the farthest with their large catapult.   Bristow and Dale City Wards also built catapults. The Lake Ridge 2nd, Woodbridge 2nd and Quantico Wards rallied together as a team to build a trebuchet, the smallest of all the siege engines.

Anthony Kerr, a scout from the Quantico Ward explained how they created the trebuchet. They lashed spars together with rope to create two triangular frames and then lashed the two frames together. They placed an axle between the two triangular frames and a longer spar on the axle. The scouts then hung a sling from the long spar. This entire contraption launched an apple competing with the other siege engines.

To go along with the pioneering theme of the camporee various ward leaders taught the scouts rope making, splicing, rope tackle and rope throwing. The scouts had the opportunity to practice these techniques and then go home with new knowledge and perhaps a bit of a new language.

Siege engine competition


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