“Wonderland” Mormon Prom

AlicePosterFinal          BlackCheshirefinal.pdf The 15th annual Mormon Prom in the Northern Virginia area will be held Saturday evening at the Woodbridge Stake Center. Mormon Prom first started in the McLean Stake, where it was held for 6 years. As the event grew, the stakes started rotating the job hosting. This year is the first time the Woodbridge Stake has hosted the event. Juniors and Seniors from 9 stakes are invited: Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Centreville, Annandale, Mount Vernon, Oakton, McLean, Ashburn, and Winchester. Over 1000 invitations were sent this year and about 800 youth are expected to attend. This year’s theme is “Wonderland,” inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous book. The Stake Prom Committee, headed up by Lisa Haight, has been planning the event for nearly a year. To accommodate such a large crowd, nearly every room in the church will be utilized. The Prom Committee has worked hard to put on a fun and elaborate evening with a clean dance atmosphere, in keeping with Mormon standards for modest dress and uplifting music. The Committee wants the youth to know that they can have a genuinely good time; enjoy each others’ company; and celebrate their many accomplishments, all while keeping the high standards that are important to them. Lisa Haight, Prom Chair, said, “We feel it’s important to offer a night where youth can celebrate without worrying whether their standards might be questioned or compromised.” Cost of prom can also be prohibitive for some high school students. Mormon Prom is free of charge to youth, as each Stake contributes to fund the evening. By Miriam Higginbotham, Mormon Prom Committee Co-Chair, Publicity


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