A Story of Service: Part 2

Just a few months after the Woodbridge chapel dedication another special dedication took place. On November 19, 1974 President Spencer W. Kimball, the prophet and president of the church at the time, came to dedicate the newly built Washington D.C. temple. The Condies remembered being able to attend the dedication.

Sister Condie said, “Many of us were able to act as hostesses and hosts and James sat on the upper chairs not far from President Kimball as he dedicated the temple.  We also witnessed the beautiful choir that performed that day and we were all certain that there were angels chiming in.” Brother Condie said it was a spiritually touching experience to be present in the temple when President Kimball led the Hosanna shout.

The temple itself was a sign of growth and brought with it even more membership to the area.

Within just a few years the church building on Dale Blvd needed more space to accommodate the growing membership. New rooms were added onto the building and it was rededicated in 1978. Bishop Condie was privileged to speak at the dedication. He shared the history and the stories of the construction of the Woodbridge Chapel and likened these stories of building the chapel to the gospel. After reading his remarks from the dedication and from the dedication of the Woodbridge Stake center in 1994, you may find yourself gazing at the light fixtures, ceiling beams, and brick wall and seeing the Dale City building in a new light.

phase 2 bld phase 2 const  cultural hall phase 2 from parking

The Condies saw the church grow so much that while living in the same house in Woodbridge for 42 years they belonged to seven stakes throughout the years: Potomac, Mt. Vernon, Annandale, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Centerville and Woodbridge.

Throughout those years they served in many different ways. Sister Condie said, “I have been called to most positions except secretary and librarian. I played the church organ for many years, and accompanied many a choir. Each calling was a chance to grow and learn. New experiences were always there.”   She has had many opportunities to serve in the stake and ward Relief Society, stake and ward Young Women, and as ward Primary President and Counselor. She has also had many chances to teach the gospel in various classes in Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, and Sunday School.

Before being called as bishop of the Woodbridge Ward, Brother Condie had also served as branch clerk, scout master, counselor to branch presidency, and member of the high council.

In 1979 Br. Condie was called and ordained as the Stake Patriarch by Elder Mark E. Peterson. Two weeks later he was released as bishop. He served as an active patriarch until 2001 when he and Sister Condie were called to be missionaries in India. For 22 years Brother Condie gave over 1100 patriarchal blessings to members in the Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Centerville and Woodbridge Stakes. Brother Condie says of this calling, “Stake patriarch is the most awesome, sweet, satisfying, humbling and spiritual calling you can imagine.  It requires many prayers and solid reliance on the Lord and the guidance of the Spirit.”

In 1994 they were called yet again to bless the lives of the members in this area with their service as temple ordinance workers. Of this service they said, “We enjoy and feel it is a privilege to attend the temple each week as ordinance workers.”


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