Elder Aidan Houston

jzvMTD1447039300Elder Aidan Houston from the Lake Ridge I Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Woodbridge, Virginia was called to serve a two-year mission in Kiev, Ukraine in the spring of 2015 while in his first year of study at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

“It was necessary for Aidan to receive a special leave of absence from his international relations studies at university and we were most grateful how the University of St. Andrews which is over 600 years old embraced this decision,” said Ian Houston Aidan’s father. “It was inspired,” he added. Aidan’s mother Jolene says, “It is hard to send a son to Ukraine knowing that it is difficult there and that there has been recent tension, and, yet, I know all people need a loving message and so it makes it easier to send him into service knowing that there is a need and he will make a difference.”
Aidan Houston 2In a recent letter to his friends and family, Elder Houston wrote from Ukraine – “I’ve found that things that appear impossible are best accomplished if we just ‘throw ourselves into the breach’ as Shakespeare’s King Henry V says. The hard part is going from telling yourself you’ll do it to just going ahead and doing it. Once you get there, you’re already doing it, so you just keep going. For example, I have a great opportunity to chat with people about their lives on the many busses and metros I ride. When the chance comes, however, I find myself sitting there saying “I can’t speak Russian! No one wants to talk to me on transport! This is a terrible idea!” And then, I just say ‘добре день, как дела?’ and low and behold, it’s happening. Once I’m in it, I’m just doing it, and I just keep going. The same applies to being 100 percent non-judgmental. I say to myself, “that’s impossible. are you kidding? Are you a fanatic?” And then, I just do it. Every time I think of something I expect of someone, when I think someone should be different in the way I want, I just shut it off. And lo and behold, I’m doing it. With practice and never to perfection, I hope to become able to do this in all of Christ’s ethical principles. I won’t make it all the way, but every day I will simply throw myself into the breach one more time.”
Elder Houston currently serves in an area in the northern part of Kiev and has been in missionary service for four months. He graduated from Woodbridge High School and has two siblings, Griffin, a senior at Woodbridge High School, and, Grace, an 8th grader at Lake Ridge Middle School.
Elder Aidan Houston can be reached at: aidan.houston@myldsmail.net

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