Sister Madison Scott

Sister Madison ScottSister Madison Scott from the Bristow Ward was called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for eighteen months in the  .  She began her service in March 2015 with six weeks training in the Guatemala MTC.

From May to November, she served in the same area of El Salvador, gaining great love for the people and the culture of that wonderful land.  While there, she was known as “Hermana Scott,” wearing a Spanish name tag and speaking Spanish almost exclusively.  Then, in November, she received a transfer to Belize.  “It is weird to think that I´m going to Belize this change,” she wrote in a recent email.  “It´s what I want, but it will be a big difference. The culture is different.  The language is different.  It will be like starting the mission over! But that will be a cool experience, and I know people are there waiting for me to help them learn about the gospel.  I´m so excited!” Her name tag now reads “Sister Scott,” and she is speaking English regularly with some Spanish mixed in when possible.

What has not changed for Sister Scott throughout her mission has been her willingness to put her whole heart, might, mind, and strength into the work she is called to do, whether or not she sees immediate results from her efforts.  “We´re working really hard to invite to be baptized,” she shared at one point.  “We didn’t have a great numbers week, but my first district leader told us that if you helped someone feel the Spirit today, you had a great day. That always helps me. My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, and if I can do that by sharing my testimony about Christ, I´m fulfilling my purpose!”  DSCN0513

Of course, as He does for all of us, the Lord has blessed Sister Scott with wonderful experiences as she has worked hard in His behalf.  In one email she wrote, “I love this family so much, and they have strengthened my testimony about how the Lord truly prepares people and hearts. They told us yesterday that they have been looking for the truth and a church to join for a long time and that when they went to church yesterday, that was their first time in church together since they got married [27 years ago]. I know that the Lord prepares us, too. The Lord prepared me to meet them and teach them. I love the Lord, and His plan and ways are just so perfect.”

The Lord’s plan and ways ARE perfect, and Sister Scott will continue to be an effective servant for Him in El Salvador and Belize.IMG_1703

-Brandon and Shannon Scott


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