Sister Michelle Moore


Michelle Moore Mission

Sister Michelle Moore, from the Quantico Ward, is serving in the Montana Billings Mission.  She is enjoying serving the Lord and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Montana.  She is pictured here with Diane Mickelson, one of the people she has been teaching.  Sister Moore shared in an e-mail that she and her companion enjoy doing service for Diane, cleaning her home.  They also enjoy helping her to feel the spirit in her home.

Michelle also shared that the snow in Montana has led to some adventures.  One day the snow was up to their knees.  They were driving to a lesson and banged up the car a bit, but weren’t hurt at all. The Lord is watching out for our missionaries!



What is your story?

How is the gospel of Jesus Christ is at work in your life?

As you come unto Christ, your daily lives provide inspiring stories of strength, faith, service and love. You are doing amazing things as you live the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are serving missions and supporting missionaries around the United States and all over the world. You are working and excelling in various fields, developing the talents and gifts God has given you. You are serving and teaching in the church, touching lives and helping testimonies grow as you open your hearts to others. You are growing closer to the Lord and strengthening your own faith as you turn to Jesus Christ in your daily challenges and sometimes heartbreaking trials.

We wish to share your stories so that we all may inspire, uplift and edify each other. We want this blog to be a treasure trove of inspiring stories. Let’s start with you. What stories do you have to share?

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Sister Molly Coupe

Sister Molly Coupe

When Molly decided to serve a mission, she joked that she was going to be called to Utah. When she actually got the call to Provo she could not stop laughing. Whenever people asked where she was going and she answered Provo, there was always a pause and then a polite response of how nice it would be. She would always reply, “Go ahead and laugh, I did.” Her letters are full of that same humor and enthusiasm. As a family we look forward to Mondays, like never before. We love hearing about the lives she is touching and seeing her grow in ways that are only possible on a mission. Her love of the Savior is growing and her desire to serve Him inspiring us all.

Molly entered the MTC on August 19, 2015. She is serving in Nephi, UT now, her second area. She and her companion cover 17 wards. Molly is loving serving the people in Utah, and with 17 wards she is keeping busy. She is looking forward to working at the open house for the new Provo City Center Temple.

In a recent letter she wrote,

Wednesday was just full of miracles, it was so cool. We decided to
just walk around town and nobody was on the streets, so we stopped and
said a prayer. Within five minutes we met a nonmember (a big deal in
Utah missions). He was super nice. He lives outside our area, and
wasn’t really interested, but it was still great to talk to him. We
showed him the Christmas video and talked about it for a while. It was
pretty great. I was so excited when he said he wasn’t lds that I was
giddy. Then we headed over to our lesson with our investigator.

The elders were teaching him back when we had elders.
Apparently they just could not get him to set a baptism date. During
the lesson I just really felt like I should ask him to be baptized on
January 9, and he accepted! BAM. Sisters working miracles over here.
Then we headed to Ward Christmas Party Round Three (the last and final
round is tonight). Some lady started talking to us, when she mentioned
her two oldest children need to be baptized. So we got two new
investigators! It was pretty great.