Elder and Sister Rasmussen

Elder and Sister Rasmussen final

Saludos de Santiago, Chile!

Thank you for your interest in our mission.  We have been serving 20 months as Temple missionaries in the beautiful Santiago, Chile Temple.  We serve each day the Temple is open, helping our Chilean brothers and sisters who come to the Temple.  We have come to love these wonderful, devoted people who often make great sacrifices to come to the House of the Lord.  Chile is about as long as the US is wide.  The Santiago Temple being the only Temple in Chile is approximately equivalent to having a Temple in Kansas that people from California or New York travel to for their Temple ordinances.  Many Saturdays there are 10-15 busloads of people, some of whom have traveled over 20 hours to come to the Temple.  They are a beautiful people and it is a joy to see their faces as they do this sacred work for themselves and their family members.

In addition to our work in the Temple, we are assigned to one of the local wards in Santiago.  There are 31 stakes in the city.  Ours is a struggling ward and we have enjoyed working with the members with special emphasis on encouraging them to prepare to go to the Temple.  We have also loved working with the young missionary sisters assigned to our ward.  Their dedication and hard work is inspiring.  Being able to be in the homes of members with them, as well as those investigating the Church and having the opportunity to bear testimony of the Gospel has been a rewarding part of our mission which we didn’t expect as Temple missionaries.  We also appreciate serving in the ward, accompanying the singing in Sacrament Meeting and Primary as well as teaching a variety of classes in Sunday School and Priesthood.  The love and acceptance we have felt from these members has been heart warming.

An additional blessing for us has been the fact that we share our apartment building by the Temple with 60-70 young Elders and Sisters in the Santiago Mission Training Center where they come to learn the Spanish language and how to teach the Gospel.  We get to know them a little during their 3-6 weeks here and then get to see some of them later as they are serving in their assigned areas.  It is amazing to watch the transformation from inexperienced young people, knowing little or nothing of the language, into confident, accomplished, fluent ambassadors of the Lord.

All in all, it has been a wonderful, growing experience being on our mission here in this beautiful part of the world.

Elder Wayne and Sister Susan Rasmussen,

members of the Lakeridge 2nd Ward.


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