Woodbridge Stake Camporee 2016

Story by Patrick Wells

Campers began arriving on the 23rd of March to BSA Camp Snyder.  There was a total of about 60 campers including adults and youth.

The goal of the Camporee was to give the scouters a chance to learn about mass casualty triaging and treatment.  We were fortunate to have some of Prince William Counties experts provide the training.

Training included: Incident Command systems, How to triage, and first aid including treating burns, transporting of the injured, cardio pulmonary resuscitation and open wound care with tourniquets.

camporee 2016 3

Scouts were given a short primer on how to be good victims in preparation for the afternoon events.

Two mock mass casualty events were conducted. Scouts were judged on their use of the morning training and leadership uses of the incident command system.

camporee 2016 2camporee


The night ended with a cooking contest and message from President Price on the importance of the scouting as it helps with missionary preparation and priesthood efforts.


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