Elder Xander Babbitt


Elder Babbitt arrived in Korea this past September after two months in the Missionary Training Center.  He actually returned, as we lived there as a young child when I was a company commander in Seoul.  He loves the food already (he’s eaten it his whole life), is picking up on the language as quickly as an American can, is teaching a number of interesting people, and when not teaching he loves “Stickerboarding”.  What is stickerboarding, you may ask?  In his words:  “Sticker boarding is where you have a board with gospel/english related questions and you ask people to put a sticker on one, so you can explain. Super easy, and super fun!”


Elder Babbitt will be serving until summer of 2018, and is currently in Mok-Dong, which is a portion of Seoul, a massive city of nearly 20 million people.  His area borders the Han River, which is about the width of the Mississippi in places and forms part of the Koreans’ name for themselves (Han-Gook, literally People of the Han River).  His companion and trainer is Elder Santana from Canada.

Written by Joel Babbitt


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