Elder Larson Romo


Elder Romo was originally called to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission.  However, he had a bicycle accident which triggered a syncope episode and had to come home for medical testing.  Instead of waiting for six months, as required by the church, to go back out to fulltime proselyting service, Elder Romo opted for the Young Church Service Missionary (YCSM)  Program.  As a YCSM, we have to find service opportunities and housing for him.  He is currently in Hawaii serving fulltime as a First Aid Responder at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  He also serves at the Laie Family History Center and the Honolulu Bishops Storehouse.  As a YCSM, he observes most of the same guidelines as proselyting missionaries except he gets to call home whenever he wants to.  He has been in Hawaii for almost a year.  While serving as a YCSM is very rewarding, in some ways, it is quite challenging as he does not have a companion.  He has to be very disciplined in observing mission rules.  Also, many members do not know about the YCSM program. Elder Romo has to explain why he doesn’t have a companion and why he is a YCSM over and over again.

By Patricia Romo, Elder Romo’s mother


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