Missionary Mondays


At the Missionary Training Center

We have been in Jordan almost two months now and are starting to feel more at home (or at least more settled.)  We aren’t much like traditional missionaries.  We have a very nice apartment in the building that houses the LDS Charities’ office. We don’t wear name tags, Jay seldom wears a white shirt and tie, and I usually wear pants.  The idea is to not stand out or look like missionaries.  In fact, we are referred to as “volunteers.”  It’s a strange mission, but someone has got to do it and, for now, that someone is us and seven other couples in the Middle East/Africa North area, better known as MEAN.  There are three couples in Jordan, two in Lebanon, and three in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. We also don’t have a formal mission and/or a mission president. We all report to the Middle East desk which is headed by Elder Larry R. Lawrence and Elder Wilford W. Andersen. It really isn’t as mysterious as it sounds.  While we don’t get to formally teach people the gospel, we do teach English to some members of the two Jordanian branches here and to various other Christian non-members who show up for class.  In April, we will start the Pathway program in Amman, the capital city. Most of our time so far has been spent in helping strengthen the Jordanian branches. It is not easy to be a Christian in the Middle East, and being a Mormon is even more challenging. We have a great love and respect for our fellow Saints here and feel blessed in our association with them.

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By the Dead Sea


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On top of Mt. Nebo beside a monument of the brass serpent that Moses held up for the people to look at and be healed after they were bitten by fiery serpents.




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