Missionary Mondays

Aisa Romo Canada Calgary Mission

A recent letter from Aisa….

We’ve had another great week in Brooks!  It’s snowed a couple of times and yesterday we really bundled up because it was snowing and windy.  Drove pretty slowly because of the road conditions too.

We have a new investigator this week!  We were actually trying to contact one of our investigators who we weren’t able to get into contact with for a while.  So, we went to his house and knocked on his door, but a lady we didn’t know answered and said that he had moved.  We asked her if she was interested in learning more about the church and she invited us in.  \(^0^)/  She is from South Sudan and had just moved into that house with her husband and two little boys four days ago.  She has actually heard about the church before and a little about what we believe.

Right now we have two investigators who are Spanish speaking, both from El Salvador and we will probably start teaching two other families that are from Honduras.  I wish that we had some Spanish speaking missionaries in town because three of those investigators really do need Spanish speaking missionaries, since their English is not really advanced enough to hold a long conversation.  Brooks used to have Mandarin and Spanish speaking missionaries but then there are so many languages here that it is easier to just have English speaking since that is the common language.

The interesting thing about Brooks is that there are a lot of people, especially among the immigrants here, who, the moment we mention Jesus Christ, say, “Yeah!, I love Jesus, come on in!”.  It’s really interesting and also really fun to meet all these new people.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Love, Sister Romo


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