Missionary Mondays

Larson PCC Bulletin FarewellAfter serving in the Polynesian Cultural Center, Elder Larsen Romo said goodbye and transferred to his last area for the last 5 months of his mission.  His mother, Patricia Romo, from the Prince William Ward explained his unique situation.

“It has always been his plan to transfer to Penang, Malaysia for the last 5 months.  However, after plans were made and airline tickets purchased, the church told us that the Young Church Service Missionary Program is not authorized outside of North America even though young people of missionary age can serve as church service missionaries, just not part of the YCSM program.”
“Anyway, we decided it was best for him to proceed with the move to Penang without the YCSM designation.  Larson has settled in in Penang, Malaysia with his aunt.  He seems to be really happy, especially with the food choices that are endless.  He is currently serving with Hope Worldwide.  Later on, he will be with Lion’s Reach (Autistic Center setup by the Lions Rotary Club), Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Center, Mt. Miriam Cancer Hospital, and St. Nicholas School for the Blind.  He also serves with the Hope Worldwide Mobile Clinic in the some evenings and weekends.”

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