Sacred Sundays, His Day


In a blog post titled Sabbath Worship Drop by Drop on, writer Ariel Szuch made a wonderful comparison worthy of pondering in our Sabbath day observance. She said,  “I have found it helpful to think of my Sabbath day worship as filling a lamp—one that needs oil to burn, like in the parable of the ten virgins. Drops of holiness, if you will, that accumulate week after week and year after year…. Drops of holiness are small, simple things that fuel the flame of my faith in Jesus Christ and my desire to turn my heart toward Him on the Sabbath day, and every effort counts.”

The Stake Presidency in the Woodbridge Virginia Stake has asked the Public Affairs Council to make Sabbath worship part of our emphasis.  They would like our stake members to be more involved in sharing how the Sabbath is sacred to them.  Please consider being a part of this conversation on this blog.  Send an email to and share what drops you fill your Sabbath lamps with.  Share a photo.  Share your ideas.  Share your feelings about Sacred Sundays.



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