The Enchanted Forest Mormon Prom

Video by Hope Knudson and Karly Brown Productions


Story by Karson Basham, from the Quantico Ward, Woodbridge Stake

I attended NOVA Mormon 2017 at Camp William B. Snyder with a friend from Quantico Ward; I’d been anticipating this day for weeks now (as it was both my first and my last prom), ready to see what awaited me at the site.

Arriving there at the venue, I could instantly see the hard work that was put into building this prom and making it memorable. A walkway was constructed and decorated, connecting the parking lot to the main building. Shuttle vans brought guests to and fro, leading them along the walkway to the center building. Outside was a large series of tents also connected with walkways, each containing seating and food. Towards the back of the tents sat the band (whose name I can’t remember), tuning their instruments for their performance.

Next to these tents ran a sidewalk alongside the building. Here, a veritable swarm of people with phones gathered for pictures, with both amateur selfies and professional photographers. After some time of waiting, my date and I had our photos taken.

Inside of the Marriot Center, where the event was primarily held, a massive room was filled to the brim with a series of decorations and incredible lights. Suspended from the air were hundreds of glass bottles, each with an individual light placed gently inside, adding a whimsical touch to the room. Still going with the theme of “The Enchanted Forest,” the walls were covered with handcrafted trees and forest sets, some towering to climb the pillars that held up the ceiling.

Looking around, hundreds of youth had filled the building, each with their modest prom styles. Knowing that this place was certainly safe from poor modern influences, the crowd was able to enjoy themselves immensely.

I personally thought that the aura of the event was absolutely incredible. Not only did it look amazing, I think it beat out most school proms by a long-shot. Since we knew that there would be appropriate music, modest attire, and no fee to get in, there was nothing holding us back from enjoying ourselves.

The hosting stakes did an incredible job pulling off the theme of “The Enchanted Forest.” I was really impressed with the amount of time and the level of detail that was put into planning and carrying out the prom. Looking back on it now, I feel incredibly glad that the volunteers who helped put this together did so; they took quite a lot of time to pull it off, but it was definitely worth the results. I’ll always be grateful for their hard work and effort put into this.


Thoughts about Mormon Prom from Alyssa Walburger from the Quantico Ward, Woodbridge Stake

“Prom was so much fun. The decorations were stunning! I liked how they had different quotes around the room and on the tables. The food was yummy. I liked the Italian soda bar and the smores bar. I thought the food names were hilarious.”


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