Called to the Work

Are you waiting for a mission call or preparing yourself for serving?  Perhaps you are just filling out your papers or maybe you are still trying to make the decision to serve.  Maybe you’ve recently returned from your mission or you are still in the trenches of tracting, testifying and teaching.

Wherever you are in your journey as a missionary, these words from Elder David A. Bednar from the April Priesthood session of General Conference could make a difference in your perspective and preparation.  Ponder his inspiring thoughts about the difference between being called to the work and called to a place.

Consider your preparation as he discusses “three interrelated words (that) define a pattern of preparation and progression for sons of God: priesthood, temple, mission.”

dominican-republic-temple-lds-761311-tablet (1)

And don’t forget to go ahead and do missionary work no matter what stage of the journey you are in.  He said, “Young men, each of you is a missionary now. All around you, every day, are friends and neighbors “who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.”12 As you are directed by the Spirit, you can share a thought, an invitation, a text or tweet that will introduce your friends to the truths of the restored gospel. You need not and should not wait for your official call to become anxiously engaged in missionary work.”

Do you know someone who is at some stage of the missionary journey?  Share Elder Bednar’s talk, “Called to the Work.”


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