Elder and Sister Huling

16 July 2017

Dear Woodbridge Stake,

With less than six months left in Argentina, it is past time for us to let you know what Humanitarian Missionaries do who are assigned to the Area Office in the South America South Area. The Church is seriously following the scriptural admonition to seek out the poor and the needy. There are two different types of projects with which we have helped. There are Major Initiatives, such as donations of vision operating equipment, donations of wheelchairs and training courses taught to people who assist in child births. These require the supervision of specialists who live in the US.

Then there are Area Initiatives which are developed locally to cover a wide variety of needs. For example, the Church has donated defibrillators, a 4-wheeler to assist in feeding the disabled, a vein finder, personal hygiene items for refugees, school supplies for needy children and clothing for flood and fire victims.

As missionaries, we help move the projects along in a variety of ways. We coordinate meetings, prepare agreements between the Church and our partners, make flight and hotel reservations for the specialists who come down, attend official ceremonies where donations are presented and take pictures of events and write reports. Our trips to Uruguay, Paraguay and several places around Argentina help break up the tedious, but necessary, office work.

We have traveled by plane, train, boat, bus, taxi, car and subway to accomplish our tasks. We have attended the temples in all three countries. All are beautiful and the ordinances always uplifting.

There are other Senior Missionaries serving in the Area Office in a variety of assignments. We have enjoyed our association with them which strengthens all of us to be better able to accomplish our assigned tasks. Testimonies are borne daily of how the Spirit guides us in answer to prayer. There are countless manifestations that the Lord is at the head and directs this work. We pray continually to do His will.

Elder and Sister Huling

Elder and Sister Huling
Elder and Sister Huling with the defibrillators that were donated to the pediatric wing of a hospital.  Elder and Sister Huling drove them to Córdoba, an eight-hour drive away.

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