A Day in the Life of a Mormon Missionary

Have you ever wondered what a Mormon missionary does each day?  What does it mean to be a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  Perhaps you are getting ready to serve a mission and are wondering what you will be doing each day.  Check out this video.


Tell Me the Stories of Jesus


You can bring a special spirit into your home by telling stories of Jesus on the Sabbath day.

What stories of Jesus do you love to share in your family?


Good Things to Share



What good things do you like to share?  Do you have a story of how you shared something important to you with a friend?  Share it at woodbridgestakeblog@gmail.com

Our Divine Destiny

Do you know who you really are?  What difference does it make in your life to know that you are a child of God?  Let this video remind you and consider sharing it with someone who needs to feel that God is aware of each of us.