A Missionary Song

Today we have a missionary message to share, a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith, a preparation for General Conference and a song to uplift your heart – all in one video. Enjoy and share!


A Sacred Sunday and Saturday with Prophets and Apostles

The General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is already underway.  It began with the general women’s session, which was held last night in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and broadcasted throughout the world.  If you didn’t have a chance to see it,  you can watch it at this link.

Next weekend we can receive counsel and a spiritual uplift as we listen to the words of living prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ.  You can find more information here.   We look forward to hearing what impressed you.  You can share your favorite quote from conference in the comments or by e-mailing woodbridgestakeblog@gmail.com.


Puzzle Pieces in the Work of the Lord

We are all a part of the Lord’s work.  Watch and share this video, A Witness of God, where Elder Neil L. Andersen describes how all of God’s children are pieces of a large puzzle in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


Primary Sing-Along Videos

Today I made a wonderful discovery.  On lds.org there are six pages of Primary songs put to video.  These are sing-along videos, perfect for Primary children to sing their favorite songs or to even practice for your upcoming Primary program.  There is even the song that goes with the yearly Primary theme:  Choose the Right.  If you find out which songs your Primary will be singing in their upcoming program, you can see if there is a sing-along video for that song.   What a great activity for a Sunday! Have fun!


Compassionate Community Service

by Ian M. Houston

IMG_8575 Outside crowd (1)

The Woodbridge Stake’s Gifts of the Heart event is now in the books, and once again the activity proved to be successful in rendering compassionate service to individuals throughout Prince William County.

The Gifts of the Heart event gathered a significant amount of donated household items ranging from books, bicycles, toys, shoes, kitchenware, clothing, pictures, etc. The items filled the cultural hall and many rooms throughout the Stake Building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints located in Woodbridge, Virginia. All items were given away at no cost.

IMG_8543 Toy Room (1)

President Pam Gauch of the Woodbridge Stake Relief Society reported that there were 218 volunteers and nearly 1,000 people who came into the building to participate. Many of the volunteers were teenage youth.

Gifts of the Heart is an initiative linked to Day to Serve. According to the website, Day to Serve is a unique annual initiative that transcends politics and religious differences. It is designed to unite people of all faiths, races, cultures, and backgrounds with the shared
goal of helping those in need.

IMG_8603 The Crowd
The initiative started in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and D.C. to motivate people to get involved in service events each year. Gifts of the Heart clearly advanced these Day to Serve goals.

This year Gifts of the Heart collected food for StreetLight Community Outreach Ministries located in Woodbridge.

Dignitaries and guests at the event included Prince William County Board of Supervisors Ruth Anderson and Michael Nohe, and Executive Director of StreetLight Rose Powers.


The author is Director of Public Affairs for the Woodbridge, VA. Stake
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Photo Credit Suzie