Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Woodbridge Stake Public Affairs Council!

We hope you are enjoying the peace and joy of the Savior, Jesus Christ this Christmas.

We hope that you have enjoyed the Christmas season and the chance to focus more on the Savior and how He is the Light of the World.  Hopefully you have found opportunities to Light the World with His light.

Quantico Ward Seminary Teacher Aimee Walburger  shared the following photo of how her seminary class tracked their Light the World service opportunities. She explained, “All the dots of color on this Christmas tree represent individual acts of lighting the world by students in my seminary class over the past 18 days.”

light the world tree

Visit to watch the final Light the World video which shows how people all over the world have been serving others in the Light the World campaign.

Please continue to share the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, with the world by serving as others as He did.  We will continue to post stories of how you light the world. Please share.


Woodbridge Stake Lights the World for Children

Please read the following story which was published yesterday in Deseret News and the LDS Church News of how our Woodbridge Virginia Stake helped bring joy to children in Prince William County, Virginia.    Thank you to all our stake members who made this miracle happen!  Click on this link to read the story, Light the World.

Elder Zach Jamison

By Jennifer Jamison, Woodbridge 1st Ward
Our son, Elder Zach Jamison, is serving in the Copenhagen Denmark Mission.  He has been out now for 8 months.  He is doing very well and working really hard.  He went from being trained to training his 2nd companion and is now with his 3rd companion in a new area.  The following is an experience he had just a month or so ago.  This first is my side of the story and the later is his.
I’m not sure how to start this off other than to say that my son and I had an experience that one only dreams of and can only pray that it would come true. As a missionary some 25 years ago, I would often lay in my bed at night wondering if I made a difference with what I did that day, wondering if I said everything right and if they understood my newly learned language.   It made me want to try harder the next day.  And so day after day I would work hard.  And every now and then I would see the fruit of the labors we did.  One of those wonderful days as a missionary was the baptism of a young man named Johnes.   I was transferred shortly after his baptism and he became a memory of my mission.  As the years passed, and as many who serve missions do, we wonder about those sweet memories we have.
Sister Miller (Jamison)

Johnes at his baptism with Sister Miller (Jamison) (on the right) and her companion

Fast forward to today. Amazingly, my son was called to serve in the same mission.  His first area was an area I had not served in so I kept the list of people to look up for later.  Amazingly, one day I get an email asking if I remember Johnes, that he remembered me and that he is so grateful to have the gospel in his life and that he loves the Gospel deeply still.   I replied, yes from my first area; he was my first find and teaching appointment.  He was patient with my language skills.
 The following is Zach’s side of the story.
One Sunday we were at church, in Herning, and we had a great set of meetings (Sacrament, Sunday school). We, Ældste Bailey and I were talking to some of the members and I brought up how Mom had served in Danmark. We continued to talk and Johnes asked what her name was and if she had served in Esbjerg. I responded with a yes and told him that her name was Søster Miller at the time. He said “NO WAY” “på dansk” (in Danish). I said, “Wait, you know her?” He said yeah that she and her companion were the first set of missionaries who met with him. He said, “Yeah I remember her because she was brand new and her danish wasn’t very good.”  I was like hahahaha; I was the same. I was brand new and had terrible Danish. We laughed and the week after he showed pictures of his baptism and him and his wife and my mom and her companion. Super cool to find that out. He wasn’t even in that branch; he was from Esbjerg and came to Herning because our Branch President was from Esbjerg. Super cool!!!! I gave him Moms email and they are now communicating.”
Elder Jamison

Elder Zach Jamison and Johnes

I have since been in touch with Johnes and it’s amazing to know that he still loves the gospel after all these years.  This experience has helped my son and me to know that the Lord is in all things, that no matter how big or small you think your contribution is to the work, the Lord will help touch those who seek the truth.

Love Thy Neighbor

What can you do today to light up your neighbor’s world?

Think about who is near you today. Who is physically next to you?

Is it the person sitting next to you on the bus, at lunchtime, or in class? Or maybe it’s your co-worker, the person standing in line in behind you at the store, or your brother or sister across the kitchen table from you.

What might that person need? What small thing could you do to help them?

Light his or her world! And then share.

Sabbath Service

How do you light the world on the Sabbath?


Visit for ideas of ways to serve others on Sunday. We would love to hear what you do. Or perhaps you have a story to share of when someone served you. Share at