Primary Sing-Along Videos

Today I made a wonderful discovery.  On there are six pages of Primary songs put to video.  These are sing-along videos, perfect for Primary children to sing their favorite songs or to even practice for your upcoming Primary program.  There is even the song that goes with the yearly Primary theme:  Choose the Right.  If you find out which songs your Primary will be singing in their upcoming program, you can see if there is a sing-along video for that song.   What a great activity for a Sunday! Have fun!



Sacred Sundays

Keeping the Sabbath day holy and remembering Jesus Christ on His day is part of weaving our own spiritual tapestry.  Listen to the Elder Hales talk about spiritual tapestries, ponder the beautiful imagery of our lives being a tapestry, and share this video with your friends and family.

What Family Means

What does your family mean to you? Sunday is a great day to think about it,  to talk about it together,  and to do something together.   Check out this video with your family.

What Family Means To Me

Sacred Sundays

Sunday is a perfect day to spend with our families.

Family is forever. Cherish yours today.

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What do you do on Sundays to cherish your family?  We would love to post a photo of your family sharing Sunday together in whatever way you do.   Share it at

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus


You can bring a special spirit into your home by telling stories of Jesus on the Sabbath day.

What stories of Jesus do you love to share in your family?